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I am passionate about all things fabric so much so I started my own online and mobile store. Link is on the sidebar to my store. I teach patchwork classes and take my shop to quilting and patchwork groups and also attend various craft markets.
I love English Paper Piecing, applique, machine quilting, working with woven wools. I have started making my own designs which I love.

Sunday 11 March 2012

The 'So' Post....SO long, SO busy, SOOO excited!!!

Oh golly it has been far too long since I last posted....sorry my friends. I have lots of excuses, including technical issues and being very busy writing my school program ....but they are excuses......naughty me!!

So......I have explained the SO long (between posts), and the SO busy (work), but why am I SOOO excited???
Yes, you guessed it!!....my trip to Nundle to the lovely Kerry's Girls Day in the Country is only less than 2 weeks away. I am taking Mum and my sewing friend Jenny and we are making a 4 day getaway.....we are all very excited, especially Jenny as this is her first GDITC and she has heard all my stories of fun and laughter and good friends from last year..

Soooo....the rush is on.......the rush and sewing fever to try to finish my show and tell. As I've said before, Sue Daley, the English Paper Piecing "Queen" is our tutor and I'm trying desperately to complete her 'It Takes Two' quilt to share. It has been a slow work in progress to do all the EPP, assemble the quilt, add some hand stitching, and now to quilt.....and if you know me, you'll understand the slow speed....I agonise over all of it .!!

Here's a sneak peek....can't give away too much as most of my readers are coming to Nundle and I'd rather they see it in the real......

....I had a bit of a scare today...thought I'd run out of thread...none of the right colour in the drawer.......then I found it on the bench, remembering it had been set aside all ready to go!!!....whew!!  ..and I live 1 hour from the nearest store to get any, and wouldn't make it till Thursday.......

Sooo....must get that machine whirling.......got lots to plan and organise too....does anyone else leave meals for their crowd left at home????...that's the worst part about going away............